Why Use Us!

We have been in the field of opthalmology since 1988.We are expert in the field of Vitreo retinal Surgery.Management of complicated Retinal detachment surgery especially with Silicon Oil is our forte.We also do complete routine eye check up and perform modern cataract surgery by phacoemulsification.

Yash Eye provides 'Quality Ophthalmic Care' with the highest levels of skill,competence and concern, leading to effective care that meets patient needs and ensuring the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various ocular conditions by adopting the latest technologies, techniques and practices in opthalmology

Our Experience Shows!

Dr. Sandesh Doshi has served as a Hon President, Poona Ophthalmological Society, for the year 2012-2013 period.
Trained under Dr. P. N. Nagpal in 1987 and Dr. Carl Claes, Antwerp, Belgium in 1997, Dr. Sandesh Doshi is well versed with the modern surgical techniques of vitreo - retinal surgery. Stitch-less vitrectomy with 23g, 25g and 27g have been the new additions to the surgical set up.